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Best (No. 1) Email Marketing Agency in Oakville Canada

Best (No. 1) Email Marketing Agency in Oakville Canada

In this digital world, email marketing is a smart investment for your business, whether you are a manufacturing company or a local restaurant you can use email marketing to stay on top -of -mind with your audience. Send promotional emails, monthly newsletters and more to keep consumers and business buyers who are interested in your business or brand and prime to purchase your services or products.

Our email marketing software allows you to get a head start with a variety of drag ad drop email templates or options to choose to code your won in our email builder. Our creative team will even create unique designs for your emails that are based on your brand. Whatever your business goal you get what you require to outperform your industry competitors, supported by experts who know and understand where you are coming from and where you are headed.

Email Marketing Agency in Oakville

We all know that of all the available digital marketing channels, email offers you the maximum return on your investment. Do it right with us, your email marketing agency partner, we are a full-service email marketing agency, We help you to plan, build and execute all kinds of email marketing and CRM campaigns such as newsletter, promotional, transactional or products.

We are a full-service email agency in Oakville and we are focused on using email marketing as a growth strategy for our clients. Our team works hard in hand with your team to make sure that you are able to leverage the strengths of both sides, innovate and continue to develop. You must ride on our expertise and knowledge to discover new ways of expanding your software and online business.

Our email marketing agency in Oakville is one of the top email marketing agencies. Our focus is on delivering successful email campaigns on your behalf campaigns that help you to engage prospects, drive traffic and sales and retain your customers. We try to bring innovation to your email marketing and offer strategic recommendations to make it a revenue-generating channel.

Our email marketing agency manages the end-to-end operations of your email business. We work as your marketing consultant to create and develop campaigns that open newer ways to engage your audience and customers. Our email marketing team is very hands-on and works with you to improve, develop and expand your email channel through segmentation, personalization and advanced targeting.

We know and understand the latest email marketing trends, most advanced technologies, different privacy laws and our proven ways to build scalable email campaigns that include the whole of strategy, automation, fulfillment and reporting and analytics. Our email marketing services include collaborating with the client to know and understand the project scope and come up with an email strategy that defines needs around campaign management, segmentation and list management.

Email Marketing in Oakville Canada

Best (No. 1) Email Marketing Agency in Oakville Canada

Here are some more reasons for investing in an email marketing campaign service is essential-

  • Build Customer Loyalty- String client relationships need regular brand interactions and routine wen email marketing communications with the customer make it possible for any business to generate brand loyalty while driving sales. In addition, the cost of engaging with and marketing to an existing client using the best email campaigns is 6 to 12 times less expensive than other marketing channels like paid advertising or social media marketing. Targeted email marketing campaigns not only drive more business but also save your money and time.
  • Expand your business reach- Email campaigns are proven to have more reach and potential for engagement than traditional marketing methods. The report shows that 72% of email users check their inboxes more than 6 times a day and about 92% of internet users have a minimum of one email account. We have experienced email marketing specialists, so we can help you to reach your target audience on any device while staying non-invasive and compliant.
  • Conduct with different audiences- Personalized communication is one of the many benefits of using email marketing to reach your audience. While traditional marketing methods focus on giving a broad message to a large audience scope, marketing emails allow you to provide unique discounts and codes, personalized messages and data-driven campaigns that are based on criteria like birthdays, regions and customer lifetime value. Instead of putting your effort into one campaign, you can reach out to various audience segments with a personal touch.
  • Save effort and time- Email marketing for small businesses and multi-location companies is less labor-intensive than traditional marketing. There is no postage to consider or labeling needed for each campaign distributed. Targeted email marketing allows you to communicate and engage with your perfect market segments in a matter of minutes. If you do not have time to learn the ropes of email campaign optimization then we as the best email marketing agency can assist you.
  • Track your analytics- Data and analytics offered by marketing software give valuable insight into the performance of your targeted email marketing efforts and deployed campaigns. The most-reported engagement metrics are open rates, click rates and click-through rates, bounces and conversions, etc. It depends on your marketing goals, then only a specialist can decode the numbers and translate them to valuable applications to better reach your targeted audiences.

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Why you should choose our email marketing agency over others to avail of the Email Marketing Services?

We will make sure together we can accomplish extensive campaign creation plans and data management processes across all your marketing systems and produce integrated, cross-channel marketing campaigns, using the marketing cloud of your choice.

You must work with our team of email marketing specialists to make all kinds of campaigns that welcome automation. cart abandonment, marketing promo messages, prospect marketing campaigns, cold email campaigns, customer win-back campaigns, etc. Our focus is an approach that is centered around driving results that are coupled with marketing automation, email best practices and metrics-driven thinking. You should not miss out the chance to connect your business with the right customers at the tight moment and increase your business sales.

We put focus on list quality when we do our list pulls and segmentation for email marketing by a process that is uncomplicated yet refined. Our team helps you to manage the ESP (Email Service Provider) relationships and your email marketing budget. Our dynamic and creative email marketing team runs targeted email campaigns to your customer segments and working with our developers and designers, you get to create emails that are more responsive, high performing and designed.

We make sure that all your emails are successfully rendered for all kinds of browsers and users. Our email marketing consultants help you to design and develop emails using CSS, HTML and proprietary scripting languages that are based upon the needs and offer recommendations for camping optimization. We work on the day-to-day execution of your email programs, reporting, administration and optimization of the email campaign across the entire buyer journey of your target customers.

It can be difficult to find an email marking agency that knows and understands your business, your competition and your goals. That is not something you have to worry about with us, though.

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Email Marketing Services in Oakville

  • We offer you a dedicated account manager that knows your name, business, business industry and business goals.
  • We create a custom strategy that is built to your short and long-term goals, additionally, a report that covers your key performance indicators i.e KPIs.
  • You can access our client’s exclusive tech platform that tracks, monitors and reports lead, sales and revenue that is generated from digital marketing channels such as email.
  • We are an email marketing agency in Oakville with a 91% client retention rate that is more than 40% higher than the industry average.
  • By choosing us you will choose an email marketing plan that works for your schedule, from fully managed to client-offered email copy.
  • We use pre-built templates that are optimized for nurturing and converting leads with our lead nurturing services. Our templates include welcome emails, abandoned shopping cart emails, re-engagement emails, event emails and more.

Email Marketing Statergy in Oakville

Our email marketing agency in Oakville takes a client-first and results-focused approach to email marketing-

  • We get to know your competition- We want you to have the best chance of standing out in your competitive industry and in your potential customer’s inboxes, so we will first ask you about your competition and make a custom email marketing strategy that drives even more good results. We will search things such as how they interact with their clients, their offerings and their brands, etc. By knowing your greatest competition, we will get to know your competitive industry better, too.
  • We research your industry- We want to know every small thing about your industry, so we have all the knowledge that is necessary to make a successful email marking campaign for your business. We want to know much people spend in your business industry per annum, how your industry stacks up in the scheme of e-commerce, etc. The more things we know about your business industry, the better we can create an ideal email marketing campaign for your business.
  • We ask you about your audience- Your audience is the most important part of the strategy. Without knowing about them, we would not understand how to market your products or services to them. We will ask you about some things such s age group, male or female and geographic location, etc. All this will help us to understand how your emails should look, the tone they should promote and the best ways to sell your products or services and inform your targeted audience in an email-based formation. After we know about your business industry, competition and targeted audience we will start your campaign. We have various proving packages for our email marketing plans, your email marketer will fill you in on the difference between each and help you fit the one that fits your business best. Each additional feature depends on the package that you have chosen.

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