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A/B testing drives increased engagement and ad revenue

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Tricity Property Guru is a Real Estate Firm, which was looking to establish their presence in the limited budget. They started 4 years back and wasted almost 2.5 years in the market with different agencies getting almost nothing in return, before getting in touch with us.


Solutions we gave

Being started with someone who has limited budget is one of the more problemetic thing in marketing, but we took the project and started creating website for them and after that we told them to use YouTube to add Properties Reviews. In addition to that we suggest them to use Social Media Accounts to get organic Traffic. Additionally, we articulated a performance-focused strategy for enhancing SMS Campaigns.

Youtube Videos

Real Estate is a niche which is very much dependable on visual content.

Search Engine Optimization

Almost everyone search for property reviews near their area before purchasing it.

Pay per Click Advertisments

To survive the competetions, we suggest them to start investing in PPC Advertisments.

Social Media Advertisement

To increase the ROI, we told them to use the social media advertisments as well.

Results they Get

improvement in time on site
increase in Effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions (eCPM) revenue
subscribers receive the newly optimized email campaign

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